CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The City of Charleston’s Committee on Ordinance and Rules approved a bill Thursday to create an East End Private Outdoor Designated Area.

A Private Outdoor Designated Area, or PODA, allows for people to buy and consume liquor, wine, beer, and craft beer from a special permit holder in a designated area drawn out by the city. City Council passed the original PODA ordinance back in October.

According to City Attorney Kevin Baker, Bill 8031 includes a few changes to the city’s PODA ordinance to be in line with state code.

“It adds language saying that you can simultaneously host multiple qualified licenses and permit holders within the same area,” Baker said.

The East End PODA would run along Washington Street to include Tricky Fish to Time After Time and up Elizabeth Street to include The Red Carpet Lounge and The Empty Glass. Those are the only establishments at the moment that would be included in the East End PODA. The PODA also includes the East End Dog Park.

“The East End PODA is defined essentially the same as the others as far as hours of operation and how it will operate,” said Baker.

Downtown Charleston is only area of the city that currently has an active PODA. There are plans for the West Side and South Hills along with the East End to be included in code to have PODAs. There’s also discussion to include the Capital Market.

Businesses wanting to apply to be a “PODA business” would need to apply and get approval from the city and from the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration. The city supplies special cups to the businesses and then people can purchase a cup to be able to drink alcoholic beverages in the PODA.