CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Cedar Grove Volunteer Fire Department was honored Thursday at the Kanawha County Commission meeting for 50 years in emergency medical service.

Commissioners presented the fire department with a resolution. There to hear the resolution was Fire Chief Michael “Gordy” Coleman who has spent nearly 50 years himself in the fire service, and Assistant Chief Clayton Young.

Kanawha County Commission President Lance Wheeler read the resolution and congratulated Cedar Grove VFD and EMS services for their work.

“What you all have done and still do today is an absolute incredible feat,” Wheeler said. “You all have been the best of the best.”

The Kanawha County Commission said they appreciate all first responders for their service.

“From talking to people in your community, there is a standard that you guys set and there’s a pride in Cedar Grove,” said Wheeler. “We support you in everything you do.”

The Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority took over EMS services in the Cedar Grove area a few weeks ago. Cedar Grove VFD used to handle operations there.