CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha County Emergency Management Director C.W. Sigman said the response of multiple county agencies and officials to Tuesday’s storm was a total team effort.

Sigman met with the Kanawha County Commission Thursday. He said Kanawha County Metro 911 was on top of things prior to the storm crossing into West Virginia and moving east towards Kanawha County.

C.W. Sigman

“That was the fastest we have ever gotten the warnings out,” Sigman said.

Like the commissioners, Sigman said lives were saved by the alerts and sirens that went off around 11 a.m. and the quick response from multiple other agencies.

“It was one of the best team efforts I’ve ever seen,” said Sigman. “Citizens reacted to the warnings.”

Crews from Kanawha County Emergency Management, Kanawha County Planning, City of Charleston, WVEMD, KCEAA, Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office, National Weather Service and many others all worked together during the weather event. Metro 911 also received thousands of calls that emergency officials were able to respond to.

Kanawha County Commission President Lance Wheeler described the emergency response from county officials as a “well-oiled machine.”

“The sirens saved lives,” Wheeler said.

There’s damage all across Kanawha County. Countless homes, schools, other buildings and trees were hit hard. Cleanup efforts are now underway and Appalachian Power is continuing to work and get power restored to all of their customers in their service area.

“They have been very responsive during this time,” said Wheeler.

“I think they’re response has been as good as I’ve ever seen,” Commissioner Kent Carper added.

A few structures have been completely demolished. There have also been a lot of downed trees.

The Commission said that Shawnee Sports Complex in Dunbar has $60,000 worth of damage. The Kanawha County Courthouse also had it’s roof damaged.

Commissioners said field crews from the planning department and emergency management are still going out and assessing the affected areas.

1-2-3 weather damage surveys are being sent out to people affected.