CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Kanawha County Board of Education approved the use of two math textbooks for elementary and secondary math classes during their meeting Monday.

For the secondary math textbook adoption, the county’s secondary math instructional resources committee chose “WV Reveal Math” by McGraw Hill for grades 6-8 and Algebra 1 & Geometry classes. The Board approved that textbook with a 5-0 vote.

Board members also approved the elementary math textbook adoption as presented by the county’s elementary math instructional resources committee. The committee chose “Math & You” by Big Ideas Learning for both K-2 students and students in grades 3-5. The textbook will be used starting in Fall 2024 and through Spring 2029. The vote for that textbook was also unanimous.

The last math adoption was in 2018.

28 teachers serve on the different adoption committees. Kristen Oxely, Kanawha County K-12 Math curriculum specialist, said the committees met with her on a weekly basis for a few hours to go through the review process of choosing the new curriculum.

Lisa Syner is a Title I Math Teacher at Bridgeview Elementary Center. She spoke to board members on behalf of the K-2 committee of teacher about their textbook choice.

The committees discussed each possible textbook option and reviewed books in the days following presentations from the different companies and their math books that they offered.

“We determined if the text was designed with younger students in mind and if the curriculum was be student-centered,” said Syner.

Syner and the other teachers on the committee with her also believe the textbook they settled on was a great match for the teachers to teach out of.

“We feel that it is also math curriculum that our teachers will enjoy using,” Syner said.

Jessica Phillips represented the middle school teachers when discussing their choice of “WV Reveal Math.” She’s a math teacher for 6th graders at Sissonville Middle School.

Phillips said the process for selecting their curriculum in middle school and high school is the same as what the committees for elementary schools did.

“We are excited that this program offers high quality instructional material that is easy for teachers to navigate and is engaging for our students,” said Phillips.