CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Monday, April 1 marks the deadline to register for FEMA disaster relief assistance for the residents of the five counties severely impacted by the flash flood that occurred in late August.

Since acquiring the disaster declaration on January 31, FEMA has been bringing aid to residents of Kanawha, Harrison, Clay, Boone, and Calhoun counties who had experienced damages to their homes from the flood, which took place on August 28 to Aug. 30.

The residents of those counties were given the opportunity to speak with FEMA representatives about the damages, as well as register for any and all assistance FEMA could give them at the four Disaster Recovery Centers that have been set up throughout the region for the last couple of months now.

DRCs were set up at the Harrison County Courthouse, Belle Town Hall, at a mobile unit in Clay County and at the Penn VA Coal Carbon Center in Kanawha County.

Disaster Recovery Center Lead at DRC #3 at the Penn VA Center, Delondra Ellis told MetroNews that it has been a successful 60 days of deploying the aid out to the residents and she dealt with a lot of impactful cases.

“The DRC where I have been working has actually been the busiest DRC on this disaster, we’ve been able to help a lot of people, especially those who had damage to bridges, driveways, and access roads,” Ellis said.

A total of 557 people registered for the assistance with 254 registrations alone being out of Kanawha County.

FEMA reported that around $2 million overall was distributed out to residents in disaster relief assistance.

From driveways to basements that were damaged by the flood, Ellis said that destruction varied with every individual circumstance.

“We’ve had some people whose basements were completely flooded, and these were completely furnished basements they were using to actually live in not just store things in, and we’ve had some people who have had access roads completely washed away,” she said.

All of the DCRs closed Friday after being stationed across the region for the past 60 days.

Ellis said it has been great to be here and to get the assistance out to people who have been waiting for it and have needed it for so long.

“We’ve seen so many people who aren’t even living at home because their homes are in such bad need of repairs, so we’ve not only been able to help them with the assistance in repairing their house but we’re also able to provide funds for them to stay somewhere else temporarily until their home is repaired,” said Ellis.

Ellis said there is a 60-day grace period for those with extenuating circumstances allowing them to still apply after the deadline if they provide documentation showing they were unable to apply during the initial registration process.

She said to call the FEMA Helpline at 1-800-621-3362, or visit