CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Wooden beams have been put in place to support the corner roof of the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association shelter that was damaged after a U-Haul truck slammed into the building Wednesday morning.

Around 150 animals have been sent out to foster homes as a result of the crash. As of Thursday morning, there were about 15-20 dogs and 8 cats that still needed a foster.

Sarah Tolley, director of community engagement at KCHA, told MetroNews they’ve been amazed by the community response.

“We were shocked between a U-Haul ramming our building and shocked that so many people immediately came up. Within a half-hour of us posting that we needed help, we had a line of people out the door and it maintained that way until we left at 6:30 p.m.,” she said.

Charleston residents Marshall and Delilah were at the shelter Thursday to adopt a dog. Marshall said they were looking to get a dog anyway when they saw the urgent need for fosters Wednesday.

“We were here yesterday, and the truck ran through the building, so we didn’t get a chance, so we came back today,” he said. “It worked out.”

Angie Gillenwater, manager of community engagement at KCHA, provided an update on Thursday’s “580 Live” with Dave Allen heard on MetroNews flagship station 580-WCHS about the need for more pet supplies. She said they’re providing foster families with food, toys, and other items, but because there are so many fosters at once, they’re asking for donations from the public.

“We need food, bowls, blankets, towels,” Gillenwater said. “We went through an insane amount of clip leashes and flip leashes, so if you are able to donate either of those, that would be great as well.”

The shelter has about 40 functioning kennels, which is down from about 100 Wednesday.

Tolley said they’re asking people to foster for about a week while they figure out next steps for repairing the building.

“We’re asking for a week right now so we can get solid estimates of when our building will be repaired and we can go back to fully functioning,” she said. “Of course we understand if people can’t do the full week, even a night will be helpful for us.”

Photo by Jerry Waters

Gillenwater said, amazingly, only one dog was injured when the concrete blocks fell during the crash. She said the dog survived with an injured leg.

“A cinder block fell on her, but luckily she was a Great Pyrenees and walked away with a slight limp,” she said.

The driver of the U-Haul truck was at the shelter Wednesday to pick up his animal when he said his accelerator got stuck.

The Kanawha County Commission is working to help the Humane Association and will provide a financial donation.

Those looking to foster an animal are asked to come to the shelter’s clinic, Fix Charleston, at 1246 Greenbrier Street or contact Marissa Hsu at 681-319-1999.