The U-Haul went through the corner of the shelter. (Facebook)

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A rental truck ran into a corner of the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association animal shelter Wednesday morning causing significant damage to the block building.

“The U-Haul truck is all that’s holding the roof up right now,” KCHA Community Engagement Manager Angie Gillenwater told MetroNews.

She said no one was outside to witness what happened but they heard it inside at just before 11 a.m.

“We all just heard a loud noise. The driver claims the gas pedal of the U-Haul got stuck,” Gillenwater said.

She said the Charleston Fire Department hopes to get the Greenbrier Street building stabilized in the hours to come.

The corner of the building taken off houses the shelter’s grooming area and includes a couple of dog kennels. Gillenwater said amazingly only one dog was injured.

“Luckily the dog was a very large breed dog, it was a Great Pyrenees, and it’s only limping on its leg. The concrete blocks did fall onto the dog but all we’ve seen now is an injured leg,” Gillenwater said.

The more immediate issue is finding fosters for the animals that are in the shelter. Gillenwater said every kennel was full when the crash occurred.

“We’re doing a desperate plea for fosters if anyone can take a dog into their home while we get this situation under control, that’s the ideal scenario,” she said.

Fosters are being asked to come to the shelter’s clinic, Fix Charleston, at 1246 Greenbrier Street or contact Marissa Hsu at 681-319-1999.

The Kanawha County Commission said it is working to help the Humane Association and will provide a financial donation. It’s also offering county facilities to help house some of the animals if necessary.