CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Customers of West Virginia American Water Company (WVAWC), the largest water utility company in the state, will now pay more on their water and wastewater bills.

The state Public Service Commission (PSC) recently approved adjusted water and wastewater rates following the company’s rate adjustment request in May 2023. WVAWC says the increased rates will create an additional $18.4 million in revenue to help pay for over $220 million in completed infrastructure investments made since 2020.

The water company said they also plan to make some system-wide upgrades this year with funding from an approved $5.9 million order from the PSC on a water and wastewater surcharge. The water company received that order on March 1 for its June 2023 Distribution System Improvement Charge (DSIC) request.

“West Virginia American Water is committed to making needed infrastructure improvements across our service areas so we can continue to comply with water quality and environmental regulations and meet customers’ water and wastewater service needs,” said President of West Virginia American Water Robert Burton in a press release Monday. “In addition, we will continue to remain focused on opportunities for greater efficiencies to help maintain affordable rates.”

Water customers can expect to pay an average of $8 more a month, while wastewater customers will see an average increase of $12 a month.

The new base rates went into effect on February 25. The surcharge went into effect on March 1.