CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov. Jim Justice expressed concern when asked Wednesday about the ongoing investigation into a traffic stop involving Secretary of Transportation Jimmy Wriston.

Gov. Jim Justice

Wriston was stopped Feb. 21 by the Charleston police officers east of the state capitol in the southbound lanes of I-77. A caller to Kanawha County Metro 911 reported Wriston driving erratically on Charleston’s East End minutes earlier.

No tickets were issued and no charges have been filed as a result of the stop.

“How does Jim Justice feel? He’s very concerned,” Justice said during his Wednesday media briefing. “And how Jim Justice feels–is probably disappointed.”

The Charleston Police Department launched an internal investigation the following day to determine if police followed proper procedures, according to Chief Scott Dempsey. Both the call to Metro 911 and the stop are believed to be under investigation.

Jimmy Wriston

Justice would not elaborate on any details of the investigation Wednesday, only to say it is ongoing, and when the details are released, he’ll address them with the media.

“Right now, there’s enough stuff that doesn’t look very good, but let’s just wait, let’s wait,” Justice said.

Since Wriston was stopped, Justice has insisted there is no coverup and wants to let the investigation produce the facts that answer the questions from the public and media.

“I give people the benefit of the doubt, and I absolutely want to make sure we’re on solid ground before we start accusing people or saying this or that,” Justice said. “But, once we get there, I’ll address it.”

Justice added Wriston has excelled as transportation secretary.

“Jimmy Wriston has done an outstanding job as far as his job, with all the work we’re doing within highways and everything else,” Justice said.