NITRO, W.Va. — The Nitro Public Library celebrated going solar Thursday with an Unplugging event.

Library staff and officials joined those from Nitro-based solar energy company, Revolt Energy to unveil the new solar energy system at the library that aims to save the city roughly $200,000 in annual energy costs in the coming years.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for the new system as part of the unveiling event.

Nitro Mayor Dave Casebolt said that on a $72,000 investment, the city is looking at a 6 to 7 year payback on the project, which he said was an easy decision for council to make.

“Solar is not only a clean energy, but it’s an alternative energy source that we have found to be cheaper,” Casebolt said. “We are looking at a savings of approximately $12,000 dollars a month.”

In the first year alone, the newly-installed 79 panel, 32 kW solar system at the library is expected to reduce the city’s electricity bills by nearly $3,400. It’s set to meet the entirety of the facility’s annual energy requirements.

The library now makes the second city facility to acquire the new solar system.

Casebolt said it’s an exciting innovation that has come to the city and a fiscally responsible decision.

“We are excited for the future of Nitro,” he said. “We won’t have electric bills on these two pieces of property for 25, 35 years.”