CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha County investigators say a man charged with two counts of first-degree murder and his girlfriend were together at a Charleston hotel in the hours after the shootings that claimed the girlfriend’s mother and brother.

Markus Guy

Markus Guy, 31, of Charleston, allegedly shot and killed Alisha Carnefix, 39, and Koda Jarrett, 14, in their St. Albans home on Tuesday. Their bodies were discovered by Kanawha County sheriff’s deputies.

KCSD spokesman Sgt. Josh Lester told reporters at a Thursday media briefing that one of the main thrusts of the continuing investigation is to piece together the movements of Guy and his girlfriend, Shelby Frazier.

“The investigation has not concluded just because one arrest has been made. We’re not finished,” Lester said.

Frazier, who came with Guy to Charleston Police headquarters Wednesday to report the deaths, has not been charged.

“We’ll be collecting surveillance videos and trying to piece their movements together during this event where we can try and get a better timeline to when this actually occurred. How must time lapsed between the event itself and when we get deputies on the scene,” Lester said.

Evidence was collected from a Charleston hotel where Guy and Frazier were together, Lester said.

Investigators are still seeking a motive.

An investigation is underway at this house
off Sapphire Road near St. Albans.

“What could have possibly taken place that this incident escalated to a point that this happened? That’s one of the biggest questions that we want answered and I know the public wants answered,” Lester said.

Autopsies were performed on the bodies of Carnefix and Jarrett Thursday at the state Medical Examiner’s Office. Investigators have said they were shot multiple times.

Lester and Kanawha County Chief Deputy Joe Crawford said the department worked with the Putnam County school system to make sure there were counselors at Winfield Middle School Thursday where Koda was a student.

“We wanted to have our detectives get things organized that there would be grief counselors (at the school) because this is a very tragic event,” Lester said.

Crawford said a lot resources are being spent on the ongoing investigation.

“We want to make sure we do our due diligence. That we do our job so we can bring some relief to the family,” Crawford said.

Guy remains in the Southern Regional Jail without bail.