CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Kanawha County Commission is pleased with a recent report about the progress involving the Capital Sports Center planned for downtown Charleston

On Thursday, commissioners approved to move $5 million into an account with WesBanco. The commission has entered into a contract with the bank for a money market account at a 5.35% interest rate.

“We’re not just looking at right now, we’re looking at 10 and 15 years out because when you put that kind of money into a facility, you want to make sure you’re looking far in advance so it’s not empty later,” said Commissioner Ben Salango.

The project has $5 million set aside by the commission and $5 million from the City of Charleston.

“We’ll be able to make some money off that $10 million,” Salango said.

The board tasked with the Capital Sports Center project has met through a few stakeholder meetings. Z&M Architects has also been working through preliminary designs on the facility.

Commissioner Salango said they have also hired a national group to come in and assist the board with making sure the board doesn’t forget to include any necessary features. Sports Facilities Group Inc will make sure the Capital Sports Center has all the necessities to benefit the city and the county.

“It’s not necessarily what I want or what the mayor wants, it’s what will result in the best use of the money for the community,” Salango said.

One of the other moving moving parts this month was the acquisition of Macy’s. Salango said demolition will begin the first week of April on the Macy’s site. It’s expected to take between four and six weeks to knock the Macy’s building down.

The commission also said they will continue to seek additional funding for the project through grants and corporate donations.

“I think it’s looking really good,” Salango said.

“I think this is a great idea,” commission president Lance Wheeler added. “A lot of people said the Shawnee Sports Complex was a terrible idea but look how successful that’s been.”