CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin says the city’s search for the new Chief of Police is still on.

Goodwin announced on 580 LIVE’s Dave Allen Show Monday that she’s been busy conducting interviews with potential candidates for that position for the past couple of weeks now, and plans to interview more people for the role this week, as well.

She said she’s been taking the selection of a the new police chief very seriously and with careful consideration, and she’s thankful for the various law enforcement officials who have reached out to her with support and recommendations on the matter throughout the process.

Amy Shuler Goodwin

“I’m going to take my time, this is a really important decision, and it’s amplified when I get calls from either state troopers or chiefs of police from other large cities throughout the state of West Virginia, or sheriffs who run sheriff departments throughout the state,” said Goodwin.

Twenty-three year veteran of the police force, Scott Dempsey has been filling in the role as Interim Chief of Police since mid-August.

This comes after the resignation of Charleston’s former Chief of Police Tyke Hunt, who is currently under investigation following allegations of misconduct relating to two women who came forth against him.

Goodwin said she’s not only taking her time with finding a permanent replacement, but that she’s doing things differently with the hiring process for the position this time around, as well, as she said the role demands such a significant degree of public scrutiny and integrity.

“It’s a really important position, it has never been done like this before,” she said. “The application was extensive.”

She said questions for the interview process this time has been more thorough, unlike any questions any up-and-coming Chief of Police in the city has ever had to answer before.

Goodwin said some have been asking why the process of finding a permanent Chief of Police replacement has been taking so long, her answer is this– she wants to appoint only the best, most qualified individual filling the role in the second largest police agency in the state of West Virginia.

“By the way, when you do that interview process, it takes a while, there’s no magic wand, ‘okay, I’m going to pick you,’ those days are gone,” said Goodwin.

According to the mayor’s office, 27 people submitted applications for the position between December 15 and January 15. Of those 27, eight are internal and 19 are external applications. Ten of the external applicants are from outside the state.