APPLE GROVE, W.Va. — By the end of this year, NUCOR Steel officials expect they’ll have more than 2,000 workers on the site of their emerging plant in Apple Grove as construction ramps up.

Contractors are now building their teams to construct the massive mill which will be situated in Mason County between State Route 2 and the Ohio River just a few miles south of Point Pleasant. Markee Schindler, company spokesperson, said they are trying to help the contractors recruit workers even as they work on filling their own workforce. She said they’re trying to concentrate on hiring locally first.

“We absolutely want to be hiring that talent here, not just for NUCOR West Virginia, but for our contractor partners to be hiring locally as well,” she explained. “I can’t speak on behalf of our contractor partners, because they’re doing their own hiring, but as far as NUCOR our hiring has been very positive from the local community.”

Those will be typical construction jobs, which last as long as the build takes. However, in the case of NUCOR the massive mill will be a much longer process to complete that most construction projects.

“Construction is estimated to take approximately three years. We’re hiring now and the jobs will vary depending on what course of the work is happening, but the build it going to take about three years,” she said.

The project will need a variety skilled professionals. Schindler said they’re looking for professionals for welding, pipe and iron working, electricians, heavy equipment operators, and installation of concrete. Contractors on the construction job all have application sites on the NUCOR West Virginia website. As for those who will get jobs in the mill when it’s finished, they are presently being recruited as well out of the area’s high schools and technical education centers.

“Since our announcement our team has been dedicated to building strong relationships with our region’s community colleges and K-12 career centers,” said Schindler.

Scott Shortridge is the Melt Shop Manager for NUCOR West Virginia and said the kinds of people they are looking for are those who have a good attitude and strong work ethic, the rest they can teach you on the job.

“We really concentrate on looking for teammates who share our values, great people who work hard, and just want to come to work at NUCOR. Absolutely, skill set trades, people with education, people just out of high school all can work at NUCOR,” said Shortridge.

The company is lining up those who will be on the job when they start producing product anticipated to be sometime in 2027.