CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia International Yeager Airport has announced that Myrtle Beach is making its seasonal return to the flight path through Breeze Airways. It was re-approved for return Wednesday at CRW during their monthly board meeting.

CRW Chief Marketing Officer Paige Withrow said they have heard nothing but positive feedback regarding Breeze since the launch of the airline at Yeager early last year.

She said the return of Myrtle Beach as a travel destination is huge for the airport because it is so in demand.

“This is one of the destinations that our customers are always asking us for, so we’re excited to see this come back and to be a destination for our travelers, and also so those in Myrtle Beach can come and visit West Virginia, as well,” she said.

CRW already offers flights to Charleston, SC., Orlando, Fl., and Tampa Fl., with plans to continue to add more destinations through Breeze over the next couple of years, potentially including flights to New York City.

Tickets go on sale for Myrtle Beach flights starting May 10 through Breeze or via the Breeze app. Fares start at $49.

In addition, the board addressed an award they recently received for the Airport’s Runway Rehabilitation Project.

Yeager Airport, ADCI win Mid-Atlantic Masterpiece Award

The airport and Airport Design Consultants, Inc. recently attended the Mid-Atlantic Regional Asphalt Expo in Richmond, VA, where CRW won the overall conference award as the “Masterpiece of the Mid-Atlantic.”

“We’re honored to receive the Mid-Atlantic Masterpiece Award for our runway project,” Withrow said. “It’s a testament to the dedication and excellence of our team.”

Withrow said the award recognizes CRW for having the top public works project across not just West Virginia, but Virginia and Maryland, as well.

She said it also celebrates their commitment of providing top-notch infrastructure to the community.

“This was a big project, our runway rehabilitation project, that spanned over three years, we’re really proud of the outcome, and our partnership with West Virginia Paving and our engineering team, ADCI,” said Withrow.

The project included a two-inch asphalt overlay of the entire runway, rehabilitation of the runway lighting system, the installation of energy-efficient LED runway edge lights, among other runway improvements.

Overseen by ADCI, the paving portion of the project used 20,000 tons of asphalt and was conducted in just 72 hours.