CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin says those looking to fill the role of Charleston Police Department’s next Chief of Police still has time to fill out an application for the position until this Monday.

Goodwin said she is still sorting through applications for that city position until the deadline on Jan. 15 and then she will start conducting the interview process.

She said on The Dave Allen Show this is a serious process for her and the city as it’s a very important position.

“As I had mentioned many times before, I am really taking my time on this, I want to be thorough in this process, and you know, really, this is a process we should have changed probably a long time ago,” Goodwin said.

Twenty-three year veteran Scott Dempsey has been serving as Interim Chief of Police with the Charleston Police Department since mid-August following the resignation of former Police Chief Tyke Hunt.

Hunt’s resignation came after allegations of misconduct due to complaints filed by two women against him, which is still under internal and state investigation.

Goodwin said making the decision of who the next permanent Chief of Police will be is an intensive process, as is any position of public office— whether any role of city law enforcement, a member of city council, or the Mayor– there is always a degree of public scrutiny which comes with it, and she needs to feel sure that the newly-appointed employee will be able to handle such responsibility honorably.

“I’m putting a little bit more…not a little bit more… a lot more, time and attention through this application and interview process,” she said.

Goodwin encourages those who feel they have what it takes to be the next Chief of Police for the city to go to the City of Charleston online and fill out an application before Monday.

She said once all of the applications are turned in, then she will really get down to business choosing who will fill the role.

“The week following I’ll be doing interviews, next two weeks following, depending on people’s schedules, and then I’ll make a decision right there after,” said Goodwin.

Those who may have any questions regarding the application can call the City of Charleston Human Resources Department at (304)-348-8015.