CHARLESTON, W.Va. — There was emotional response Wednesday night when Charleston City Council voted to table a proposed cease fire resolution in the Israel-Hamas War.

The proposal came just more than a week after city council sent a letter to the state’s congressional delegation asking it to work toward lasting peace in the region.

Joe Solomon

Some members of the city’s Jewish and Muslim communities began chanting “Shame! Shame! Shame!” when Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin announced proposed resolution had been tabled after Wednesday night’s vote. Goodwin then recessed the meeting until the council chambers could be cleared.

The vote came after several speakers pleaded with members to support the resolution.

“Pause for a moment with me and consider the faces of 14,000 women and children, more than 6,000 men, losing their lives in just over than 88 days,” a woman told council. “These are not just statistics these are somebody’s children, mothers and grandmothers.”

Another speaker told told council she understands their primary job is to attend to the needs of Charleston.

Becky Ceperley

“And yet, when our country is so deeply involved in an international situation that has resulted in such massive suffering and death, I believe that all local governments and entities are in an important position to advocate for humanity,” the speaker said.

Councilman Joe Solomon, a Jewish resident, introduced the resolution. He urged fellow members to send a message.

“This is all far away and yet it isn’t,” Solomon said. “There is a case for nothing on the municipal level, after all, it is far beyond our city. And yet, cities play a vital role in shaping international diplomacy.”

Councilman Becky Ceperley made the motion to table the resolution. She said the city has already spoken with its recent letter.

“As a result of this communication to our congressional delegation, expressing the City of Charleston’s concerns for an enduring peace, I move to table (the resolution),” Ceperley said.

Supporters of the resolution rallied on the steps of Charleston City Hall before the meeting.