Union Mission welcomes semi to food delivering fleet courtesy of Gordon Food Service

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Partnership and teamwork to help people in need are the two philosophies that connected Union Mission Ministries and Gordon Food Service together.

On Wednesday, a dedication ceremony took place where Gordon Food Service (GFS) dedicated a semi-truck to Union Mission for their food distribution outreach.

“At Gordon Food Service, it’s our heart to serve. To pay forward for those less fortunate and in need. It was an easy decision to make to support Union Mission and that outreach and footprint they cover,” Mark Kubasak, Sales Manager at Gordon Food Service told 580-WCHS.

Union Mission’s warehouse in Charleston is the central point of distribution to assist more than 20 churches, food pantries, and outreach programs throughout the state, according to its website. However, the mission’s semi has been down for several months.

The semi-truck dedicated to Union Mission by GFS on Wednesday.

Jason Quintrell, President and CEO of Union Mission told MetroNews the cost of purchasing a new one was nearly out of reach, between $60,000 and $70,000.

He added the semi can carry a trailer that will be able to deliver 40 skids of food as opposed to the current small box trucks that fit 15 skids. It’ll still be a few months before the donation is in service but Quintrell is looking forward to it.

“This will allow us to move into other states to acquire donated food to bring back to this area to help out families in need. It’s huge, it opens up a brand new avenue for us at Union Mission,” he said.

Visit wefeedpeople.com or call 304-925-0366 if you would like help through Union Mission.