Charleston council approves $99.8 million budget

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Charleston City Council approved the city’s $99.8 million budget for the upcoming fiscal year during its Monday meeting.

While the city has dealt with financial issues related to the coronavirus pandemic, the budget does not reduce or eliminate essential city services or create additional taxes. Councilmembers approved dedicating $3 million for street paving projects as well as $300,000 for demolishing dilapidated structures.

“We are obviously trying to come out of COVID. We are still reeling from the effects of COVID,” Charleston City Manager Jonathan Storage said. “But yer, we are still making sure that we are getting business done.”

Storage noted the city would have faced an $800,000 budget gap without the pandemic. The number changed to $4.5 million after the cessation of federal CARES Act funding. Officials were able to cut the gap to $1.8 million and use money from the city’s Rainy Day fund to address the remaining fiscal hole.

The next fiscal year will begin July 1.